My role as a trained mediator—

Divorce does not need to be an expensive, exhausting battle. I don’t think this is what either of you (or your children) want.

Couple having relationship counsellingI am a trained mediator who can help you and your spouse get through a sticking point or obstacle that may be preventing a completed divorce process. A divorce has three components: legal, emotional, and financial. My Financial/Mediation service is for the person/couple who prefers a low cost, non-adversarial no court divorce

The Mediation Process:

1) Gather all the financial data and prepare a balance sheet and an income statement.  This will be needed when completing court Financial Disclosure forms #142 and #150.  All assets, debts and income need to be honestly disclosed.

2) The Mediation process will begin when the couple comes in together to review their financial components and answer questions to assure all financial data is current and correctly characterized.  The couple may have separate property AND community property which would be determined for settlement purposes. The year-end tax forms as well as check stubs and all investment statements and pension information are needed for review.

3) If the couple has difficulty staying focused on the financial issues at hand, which leads to an unproductive mediation session, then I meet with each separately in order to move the process forward.  It is not unusual for the couple in the same room together to lead to unsuccessful resolve and wasted time.  I try to handle this professionally with the goal of getting the couple to the finish line by meeting separately in the office or even on the phone.

4) For the court we need to resolve 4 items; Child Custody arrangements, Child Support, Spousal Support and Division of Assets and Liabilities.

5) A marital settlement agreement is finally reached at the time when all has been resolved and thought through carefully.  A projected future cash flow statement and balance sheet will be prepared so that each will be able to make reasonable and sound financial decisions as to budgets, investments and insurance needs as an unmarried person going forward.

Acting as a neutral third party, I will assist two willing parties in evaluating several different financial scenarios and determine why one stands out as the best and most equitable settlement. Isn’t it better to resolve the issues that are unique to your own situation, values, goals, and relationship rather than have a third party  (judge) decide for you?

Mediation will require both spouses to be respectful and reasonable with full cooperation.  All mediation is confidential of course.

Preparing The Legal Court Documents

If you do not know of a person to prepare the legal documents, a list of attorneys as well as legal document preparers who will file all the necessary documents from beginning to end is available.

Ready to find out more from a divorce and money mediator?

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